More on the new project - funding

OK, so the 'Donate' button is up on the site. Now for me to tell you how it works and what I am looking to do.

Well the project is two-fold really. Firstly, I want to post more onto Geekanoids and for me to spend more time on the site, I need to ask for a little funding. Any money donated will be used to purchase kit that will be reported on the site.

Two main areas of development for the site and two items that I need to purchase.

Area One - To look at developing a new design for a UK based radio control four wheel drive car, along with a system to track the cars lap times, speed etc. For this the purchase of a four wheel drive car for research is necessary, the build etc will be reported to the site.

Area Two - Well the second item required will be a Mac Mini, Intel based. This will be used for development and deisgn of the new car, but also leads to the second area for the site. All things Intel Mac based, speedmarks, new Universal software, running Windows XP on the Mac under BootCamp and Parallels software. All reported on, with full comments on each post, so we can discuss the pros and cons.

So hopefully, in return for a small donation, I will deliver an area with a useful resource of information and findings for those interested in the Mac, the Mac and Windows, the Mac and Design, and Radio Controlled cars, buggies, trucks.

To donate (and it is optional, but appreciated), just click on the PayPal Donate button in the top right corner of the website. This will open a new window, where you can enter an amount (in GBP British Pounds please). You can either donate via your own PayPal account, or if you do not have PayPal, click the button next to "If you do not currently have a PayPal account" and you can donate using another method.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the site!