MacBook Fit and Finish

Why do I give myself the impression that as an Apple FanBoy I am sooooo fussy about the fit and finish of my Apple products that it spoils the enjoyment of them.
A year or so ago, a friend of mine pointed out that a PC user buys an iPod, takes it out of the box, charges it, uses it, chucks it in his/her pocket and gets many hours of enjoyment out of said product, whereas a Mac user buys the iPod, then keeps it hidden away, wrapped in cotton wool until the armour plated case arrives, then spends hours polishing and covering it in plastic, without even realising that it was bought to actually listen to some music (or watch a video).

Now, my point in this post is that I have gone through quite a few MacBooks, all returned for some sort of cosmetic damage. Marks on the case, screen, running hot, etc etc. My latest MacBook was unboxed, with the enjoyment of opening replaced with a tension you could cut with a knife. I knew, just knew there would be something wrong. Low and behold there was a blank mark on the lid, which I polished off and it is almost gone. Opened up and there is a grease mark on the trackpad, again almost, but not 100% removed.

Onto the screen, wow, bright, crisp, no dead pixels, but what do I find, a piece of plastic in the corner of the screen. I am too scared to take a scalpel to it, so there it will stay... for now. Closing the lid reveals yet another problem, it shuts slightly wonky, not enough for a NORMAL person to notice, but about 1mm out and it bugs the hell out of me. I was looking around the back to see if there we any adjustment screws and yes, you guessed it, another problem, the vents have one hole blocked by plastic shaving that has not been milled out correctly.

So what do I do? I can still enjoy the MacBook, I am posting this article using it right now, so do I overlook these small problems and get on with using it, or do I send it back yet again. My point is that I shouldn't let these small things spoil my enjoyment, but why should I spend my time trying to troubleshoot the problems that Apple quality control should have sorted out before sending the unit out to a customer.

Rant over... on a more positive note, the plastic on the trackpad of this week 29 MacBook is different. A lot smoother and a big improvement on the previous ones. I have asked Apple if they have changed the material used and will report back as soon as I have an answer.