Are wall plugged ethernet adaptors any good?

I often get asked if there is anything that can be done to improve the speed of an internet connection whilst using a laptop. Well I for one normaly sit comfortably, using my MacBook on a wireless connection. It is fine for blogging, email and general surfing, but sometimes if I want to grab a file or move something over to my desktop machine, things crawl a little.

The have been wall plug type ethernet devices for quite a while now, but the Netgear HDXB101 PowerLine HD Wall-plugged Starter kit claims that it offers up to 200Mbps. The website claims it "turns electrical (AC) outlets into Ethernet connections, capable of up to 200 Mbps. The HDXB101 contains 2 HDX101 adapters (also sold separately), which are simple to set-up; plug one HDX101 into an AC electrical outlet near your router and plug another HDX101 near the device you wish to network".

This sounds ideal, if only it lives up to expectations... I have contacted Netgear and hope that they will be able to supply a kit to enable me to post a full review on the website in the near future.

Link to product.