Which NAS for Macintosh?

Having recently listened to the latest MacCast (www.maccast.com) I was very interested in the discussion that Adam took us on about various NAS options of Mac users.

For those not in the know, NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and offers various solutions to having a standalone hard drive (or combination of hard drives) attached to your ethernet or wireless network that you can then use to centrally store files or to use for backup purposes. I suppose the main use would be to store media files (all your music and movies) that you can then access via other computers or devices throughout your house.

Now, I am looking for some help. It seems that some manufacturers tell us their devices support Mac OS and others don't, or in some cases the manufacturers do not tell us that in fact their NAS will work fine in the Mac OS. This is where you come in...

...I want to compile a NAS Matrix that will be easy to use and follow, that will show what works with the Mac OS, what type of hard drives it supports, what type of file sharing, if it allows the user to save, manipulate files and set permissions on the NAS device in exactly the same way as on a local hard drive. If you can help, please email your set-up and findings to geekanoids@gmail.com