Apple MacBook Thin - anyone?

Will Apple release a MacBook Thin at this Januarys MacWorld Expo? This seems to have been touted around a lot by many websites, a thinner 12-inch version of the current MacBook sounds plausible, but I think not, for many reasons.
Firstly, 12-inches is just too close to the current 13.3-inch MacBook and would probably conflict too much. Secondly, why would Apple do this when the MacBook is selling so well anyway.
More likely is the introduction of a completely new device, perhaps a colour Newton-type device with a touch screen. Then further down the road, perhaps when the next generation MacBook Pro is released, we may well see a new 12-inch or even 10-inch pro model. I think this is much more likely.
Back to the Newton-type device, I think Apple know that users have been wanting some sort of touch screen device. They are bound to keep an eye on the forums, blogs and news sites. So who knows, we can only hope.