MacWorld Expo 2007 New Product Rumours

With less than 24 hours until Steve Jobs takes to the stage at the Moscone Centre, San Francisco for this year MacWorld Expo, I have been doing the rounds on various sites to see what everyone is expecting.
Macrumors has many threads covering expectations for the iTV, iPhone and new iWork 07 application. It seems that many doubt we will see the iPhone, with a new iPod more probable. There is also a thread showing various banners from the Moscone Centre.

ThinkSecret are pretty quiet, but do give us some details and a screenshot of the anticipated iWork 07 spreadsheet application.

Whilst AppleInsider mentions new iPods with bluetooth stereo headphones.

For myself, yes I am very excited, though I think we may not get massive announcements, but they will be good. New iPod, Leopard ship date, iTV, Mac Mini update, not in that order, but in order of what I would like to see. By this time tomorrow we will all know what our credit cards will be coming out for.