Griffin Evolve Wireless Sound - Now Shipping

Griffin Technology, maker of all things iPod, today announced it has begun shipping its highly anticipated Evolve Wireless Sound System. Evolve is available exclusively through its launch partner Best Buy, and online at, at the retail price of $299.99.

"Evolve will change the way people listen to music," said Paul Griffin, President of Griffin Technology. "We did away with the limitations from traditional sound systems -- the wires. Evolve gives users the freedom to listen to their music wherever they choose."

Evolve is the first widely available digital sound system for iPod and other digital devices that features speakers that are both rechargeable and wireless; they need no power outlets or physical connection to the base station. Evolve is built for everyone who wants a simple, elegant way to play music throughout the home or workplace without the hassle of speaker and power wires.

Evolve consists of a base unit with a dock for your iPod (and line-in RCA jacks for other players) and a pair of matched speakers with internal lithium-ion batteries that play up to 10 hours on a single charge. Speakers can be easily carried from room to room throughout the home, apartment, office, patio, etc.

Evolve streams music digitally from its Base Unit to wherever you place the speakers -- inside, outside, in the next room -- up to 150 feet away. Evolve's powerful RF remote control puts you in command of Evolve and your iPod through walls and windows. It's the next evolutionary step in speaker systems for the home.

Videos of the Evolve Wireless Sound System in action can be found here.