Apple to Update iPod Touch with 4-Inch Display, A5 Chip, Buffed Aluminum Rear Shell?

In line with a fresh report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claiming that Apple will be updating the iPod touch later this year with an "all-new" design using the same in-cell touch display technology rumored to be used in the next iPhone, Japanese blogMacotakara reports that Apple will also be moving the iPod touch to a 4-inch display from the current 3.5-inch display. Apple is otherwise said to be basing the iPod touch's internals on the iPhone 4S, although the case will include a "buffed aluminum" rear shell rather than the glass back of the iPhone 4S or the mirrored stainless steel of the current iPod touch.

According to asian source, new iPod touch (5th generation) will have 4 inch LCD which is the same size with coming iPhone 5.

CPU or other spec is considered to be same with iPhone 4S, and has different back-case design, which will be not mirror polished but buffed alminum one. And it seems to be prepared black and white color model.

The report's source also indicates that there is an additional hole in the lower portion of the rear shell, separate from the camera found on the current model. It is, however, currently unknown what the function of the hole will be.

[Source: MacRumors]

Geekanoids iPhone & iPod touch App V1.1 Update

This video details the V1.1 update to the Geekanoids iPhone & iPod touch App. This is now available in the App Store either on your device or within iTunes. Check out what my official app can do for you. Please download the App and tell all your friends about it.
The Geekanoids App is available in the App Store worldwide. I have provided some useful links to just a couple of the countries below. Please search for geekanoids to find it in your App Store.

Useful Links


Apple launch new iPod Shuffle

How small can Apple get these little wonders, with the newly launched iPod Shuffle is tiny in comparison to the previous generation. In the photo here you can see the new Shuffle in the back of the image to your left, then older version (front) is massive in comparison. So, just how did they do it. Well, they moved the controls onto the earphone cable, with cool touchy feely buttons that perform different functions if your single click, double click, or click and hold. You get voice feedback, with track details and the ability to change playlists at the voice prompts. Curiously, Mac owners get a male voice, whilst our PC counterparts get a female voice.

These little wonders are available online to order now, with 5 business days shipping. One capacity (4GB) and a choice of white or black. Your pocket will be £59 lighter, but you will have one of the smallest MP3 players in the world.

Griffin Announces Simplifi - Smart charging for iPod & iPhone

Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPod, today announced availability of Simplifi, a desktop solution that allows users to reclaim their desktops by consolidating an iPod and iPhone dock, media card reader and USB hub into a single, attractive device.

I post a lot of news like this, but when I got this news of the Simplifi I was amazed. This is the one iPod device that I could have done with years ago... expect to see a review soon [Dave].

"At Griffin, we know that users are syncing and charging more than just iPod and iPhone on their desktops," said Paul Griffin, founder of Griffin Technology. "With all the cables and connectors used today, the desktop can easily be overrun with clutter. Simplifi gives the iPod and iPhone enthusiast a stylish and easy way to consolidate all of their peripherals with a single, convenient device."

Simplifi charges iPhone and all dock-rechargeable iPod models that charge via USB. Additionally, Simplifi boasts a USB mini cable for syncing the iPod or iPhone with a computer. Its USB ports can handle keyboards, printers, cameras, flash drives, scanners, external hard drives or anything USB 2.0-compatible. Simplifi also includes an AC adapter for those USB devices that need a powered port.

  • A simple, versatile way to de-clutter the desktop
  • Sleek, anodized aluminum design
  • 2-port powered USB hub; includes AC adapter
  • Charge/sync hub for iPhone and USB chargeable iPod models
  • Reads and writes the most popular digital media cards, including Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SD, SDHC, xD and CompactFlash (CF)

Pricing and Availability
Griffin's Simplifi, $69.99, is now available at major retailers and on Griffin's website here.


New iPod Nano 4G cases from Proporta

I am really digging the new iPod Nano design and cannot wait to see one in the flesh. Proporta have released details of their new case line-up which will be available really soon. They certainly have been quick off the starting block to provide the latest in stylish (and practical) accessories for your newly designed iPod, whether it be the new iPod nano, the new iPod touch or the new iPod classic.

The Mini Maya Pouch (Apple 4G iPod nano) is perfect for housing your 4th generation iPod nano - keeping it safe from knocks, bumps and any nasties lurking in your bag or pockets. It’s also available in enough colours to make a rainbow jealous – just like the new iPod nano.

The Profile Case (Apple 4G iPod nano) is made from a thin yet incredibly tough polycarbonate, and covered in stylish embossed leather. The ideal accessory to protect your nano from everyday scratches and impact damage. Available in a variety of styles.

The Compact Mirror iPod Case (Apple 4G iPod nano) is stylish, sleek and available in Mulberry, Port or Black. The Compact Mirror iPod Case features an internal mirror. So you can look almost as good as your 4G iPod nano surely will.

Made from an alternative to leather, the Proporta Leather Style Protective Case (Apple 4G iPod nano) is custom designed to fit the exact specifications of your new iPod nano. Beautifully designed with a contrast interior. You’ll struggle to find a case this stylish that is so easy on the wallet (not to mention the cows).

The Echo Mirror Case (Apple 4G iPod nano) is durable enough to protect your 4G iPod nano and clever enough to double up as a mirror when your LCD is switched off. Making it the envy of anyone lucky enough to be in its presence.

Handmade from high quality leather, Proporta’s Aluminium Lined Leather Case (Apple 4G iPod nano) boasts a perfect, custom fit with maximum protection. Lined with aircraft grade aluminium, the cover offers the ultimate in tough screen protection to save your device from crushing and impact shocks.

The Soft Feel Silicone Case (Apple 4G iPod nano) is cleverly precision moulded from impact absorbent Silicone to provide two thin (yet really tough), protective skins to keep your iPod 4G nano safe and sound.

Protect your Apple 4G iPod nano without impairing its sharp, sleek image. The Impact Protective Crystal Case (Apple 4G iPod nano) has a soft-feel back and scratch-resistant top shell making it soft to the touch, but super tough.

And don’t forget the precious screen of your new iPod 4G nano. Protect it with one of Proporta’s Advanced Screen Protectors. It will ensure you never suffer from a scratched screen again.

For the new 2nd generation iPod touch and iPod classic Proporta has released a similar range of accessories to the above. All of which are available to order from Proporta.

Belkin line up new cases for new Nano, touch & classic

Belkin are readying a whole host of new cases for the just announced refreshed iPod range. Most of the new cases are expected to be available mid-September, they have cases for the iPod Nano 4G, touch 2G and classic 2G. Too many to mention here, but here are my favourite picks, which I hope to bring you video reviews of when they are available.

Sport Armband Plus with Fast Fit for iPod nano 4G (F8Z376eaNBY); iPod touch 2G (F8Z363eaNBY); iPod classic 2G (F8Z388eaNBY) – £24.99

  • Removable sleeve with low-profile belt clip and key pouch
  • Lightweight water-wicking materials
  • Includes Cable Capsule for added headphone-cord management
  • Fast Fit system for easy one-handed fastening
  • Compatible with Nike+
  • Clear screen protector allows for easy navigation
  • Hand-washable

Clear Acrylic Case for iPod nano 4G (F8Z381eaCLR) – £19.99; iPod touch 2G (F8Z368eaCLR); iPod classic 2G (F8Z393eaCLR) – £24.99

  • Available from November
  • iPod style and form shows through
  • Click wheel protection
  • Sleek, form-fitting design minimises bulk

Remix Metal for iPod nano 4G (F8Z381ea) – £19.99; iPod classic 2G (F8Z393ea) – £24.99



  • Metal faceplate
  • Slim design minimises bulk
  • Click wheel protection
  • Available in red, silver, pink, and black

Sonic Wave Two-Tone Silicone Sleeve for iPod nano 4G (F8Z379eaBKI); iPod touch 2G (F8Z364eaBKI); iPod classic 2G (F8Z391eaBKI) – £14.99

  • Two-tone laser-etched design
  • Form-fitting construction allows charging while in sleeve
  • Available in the following two-tone colors: black/infrared, cool grey/grapefruit, pink/translucent white, black/blue, black/green, black/white, blue/orange

Sonic Wave Silicone Sleeve, 2-pack for iPod nano 4G (F8Z380eaBKW-2); iPod touch 2G (F8Z367eaBKW-2); iPod classic 2G (F8Z392eaBKW-2) – £12.99

  • Textured exterior provides better grip
  • Packs available in black/white, pink/purple, blue/orange


Loving the new iPod Nano Advert

The more I look at the new 4th generation iPod Nano, the more I love it. Those guys and gals at Apple are pure genius (more so than the new iTunes feature). The colours are funky and I cannot decide my favourite, so may have to just buy more than one. Loving the new advert too.

Apple ditches two iPod classics, sticks with one

The biggest surprise for me that came out of tonights "Let's Rock" event from Apple was the iPod classic announcements. It seems that they have not listened to users. My take on the iPod classic is that people loved the mammoth 160GB model. It was for media junkies that just have to carry everything around with them.

Well, gone is the 160GB model. Apple also discontinued the 80GB model. They replaced both with one thin 120GB model. Okay, so you get a thin iPod, but what about the capacity?

The new iPod classic 2nd generation is available in just that one 120GB capacity. Either in silver or black (as before) and for the price of £169. So the price is really good. I know this thing will still sell, but I was hoping for a little more. Maybe some of the things like Wi-Fi and a slightly larger screen would have taken this too far away from its 'classic' moniker. That said, adding some new frills would have been easy and getting rid of the 160GB model is just daft.

Size, weight & battery
Height:4.1 inches (103.5 mm)
Width:2.4 inches (61.8 mm)
Depth:0.41 inch (10.5 mm)
Weight:4.9 ounces (140 grams)
Display 2.5-inch (diagonal) color LCD with LED backlight
320 by 240 pixels at 163 ppi
Up to 36 hours of battery for music
Up to 6 hours of battery for video

New iPod touch launched today by Apple

Well, Apple have done what seems like a nice revision to the iPod touch.

Main changes include the addition of side mounted volume buttons (like the iPhone), polished curved aluminum back, and the inclusion of the Nike+iPod receiver built into the unit. No news yet of if the transmitter is included in the box (as this is still a requirement), although from reading the specification it says 'Nike+ iPod Support', so this suggests that an additional purchase is still required.

Creating Genius playlists actually on the device is a nice touch. I am not too keen on the highly polished back. The brushed finish of the original iPhone was much nicer, at least the fingerprints that so many complain about on Apple kit were not a problem.

At £169, £219 and £279 for the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB respectively, this is a nice, but not essential upgrade. However, if you are in the market for an iPod, then the 'touch' really is a nice proposition.

Size and Weight
Height:4.1 inches (110 mm)
Width:2.4 inches (61.8 mm)
Depth:0.33 inch (8.5 mm)
Weight:4.05 ounces (115 grams)
Display 3.5-inch (diagonal)
Multi-Touch color LCD
320 by 480 pixels at 163 ppi
Up to 6 hours video playback
Up to 36 hours music playback

New iPod Nano 4G from Apple - launched today

Just gathering my thoughts and the details of the new iPod Nano, just launched today, Tuesday 9th September 2008. Available today in an 8GB capacity or 16GB by the end of the week.

Size and Weight
Height: 3.6 inches (90.7 mm)
Width: 1.5 inches (38.7 mm)
Depth: 0.24 inch (6.2 mm)
Weight: 1.3 ounces (36.8 grams)
Display 2-inch (diagonal) color LCD with LED backlight
320 by 240 pixels at 204 ppi
Up to 24 hours music playback
Up to 4 hours video playback

This looks like a worthwhile upgrade, with the 8GB costing £109 and the 16GB costing just £149.
The accelerometer is pretty neat too, so when you flip the Nano onto its side, the screen display rotates too. Shame that they didn't push the technology one step further by doing something with the click wheel. As you can see, the controls are not orientated correctly when you are viewing something in widescreen.

The colour line-up is very nice. Silver, black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink. This is a nice selection and nice to see no special edition with a premium price. What really amazes me is the size of this thing. When you take into account that it is just over 6mm thin, with those sexy tapered edges. The device practically disappears when viewed from the side. Also, pictured here, I really like the silver colour, with contrasting click wheel... this one might just get my money. The difficult decision is on the pricing, £149 for a 16GB Nano or add £20 for the entry level 8GB iPod touch? What would you do?