Zune 2 to hit US this November

Whilst I was quite impressed to see the Zune 2 improvements, when is Microsoft going to take the MP3 market seriously? Whilst my MP3 player of choice is the iPod (touch), if I wanted a Zune or Zune2 I could not buy one (easily) as I live in the UK. The first Zune was not a resounding success, selling just over one million units. Had it been available worldwide, it may well have sold three times that.
Anyway, rant over, the new Zune 2 will be available in November, in the US, in both a hard drive based 80GB version, and either 4GB or 8GB flash based versions. The new user interface will adorn this new device and be made available as an update to the previous version. Biggest news for me is that it will support Podcasts, I just hope it will talk to iTunes too, or at least have a way of making it Mac friendly... now that would be good!