iPod touch will be THE Christmas gift for 2007

I have now had my iPod touch for about one week, and having shown you all how good it is in my video review, I felt I should give you a warning. If you plan on buying one of these for a Christmas gift, don't leave it too late, as I really think this will be the hottest gift for 2007. Supply should be plentiful, but if my prediction comes true, there will be a shortage and a lot of disappointed kids and adults come Christmas morning.
The iPod touch is just such a rounded product and great performer. You have the best iPod user interface available today, coupled with a gorgeous eye popping colour screen. There is nothing worse than having to prepare content for (other) MP3 players for multiple users, but managing more than one iPod with iTunes is a breeze. So if you have one, two or three of these under the tree on the morning of the 25th, you can still enjoy your jumbo turkey and Only Fools and Horses in the afternoon, without the hassle of converting content and getting it onto the device.
Get prepared way in advance, download content, create playlists for your loved ones, so that syncing your new iPod touch is quick and easy. You may also want to search on ebay and buy a screen protector. This really is an essential item, I personally use an Exim brand, and it save all the small scratches and smudges making their way onto the screen.
Over at our Geekanoids shop, we also sell GeekPouches, which are small corduroy pouches to keep your iPod touch safe. We will also be adding a back protector to the shop this week, so keep an eye out for that too.