StickiT - Clear back protector for iPod touch

Head on over the the Geekanoids Shop now and you will see we have just added the StickiT Back Protector for the iPod touch. We all know how important it is to protect the screen of the iPod touch, but what about the back? The StickiT is made of a cling-type vinyl, which adheres to the back of the iPod touch with static. There is no glue at all, so when you peal it off, there is no sticky marks and your iPod touch is nice and shiny. You can even use it with some cases, so long as they are not too tight a fit, or a pouch like our very own GeekPouches.
The StickiT Back Protector for the iPod touch is available now, for £3.59 (inc UK postage) or £7.59 (rest of the world).