Parallels Desktop no longer Beta

Parallels announced today an update to its Desktop for Mac software, which enables users running Intel based Apple Macs to run Windows, Linux or any other operating system at the same time as Mac OS X, without re-booting.

The new version of Parallels Desktop is anchored by Coherence, a groundbreaking new feature that runs Windows applications on the Mac like they are native applications. When users switch to Coherence mode, the Windows desktop disappears, leaving Windows applications, such as Outlook and Internet Explorer, running directly on the Mac desktop and from the Mac application dock. It is completely customizable, providing numerous options for loading and running applications and viewing the Windows task bar and Start menu.

“When we introduced Parallels Desktop in April, we blurred the lines between the Mac and Windows worlds. With the introduction of Coherence, we completely blow that line away,” said Benjamin Rudolph, Director of Communications, Parallels. “This is a game-changing technology that gives users the ability to choose the best application for the job at hand. We intend to expand the Coherence function to help computer users move to a truly operating system-agnostic desktop.”

Existing Parallels users get this proper release version free of charge, the full product for new users costs $79.99.