Envirofone - cash in your mobile phone!

OK, OK, I bet you have an old mobile phone lying around somewhere. If you are anything like me then you probably succumb to the latest in gadgetry all the time. Check out those cupboards and drawers at home, then head on over to Envirofone.

envirofone.com is a straightforward, no-nonsense website which allows consumers to choose cash or retail credit for recycling mobile phones. A small donation is also made to a charity, which the user can select during the online transaction. Alternatively if the user wants a little extra value he or she can opt for credits, which can be spent at any Argos store in the UK.

An estimated 18 million phones are upgraded each year in the UK but fewer than 4 million are recycled. And with a total of 100 million unused mobile phones currently gathering dust in houses around the UK, envirofone.com is encouraging customers to click on line, recycle their phones and earn money in the process.

Once mobile phones are received by envirofone.com they are recycled or reused and sent to developing countries. Phones that can’t be recycled, including chargers and batteries, are broken down and used again or disposed of safely.

Log on to envirofone.com and see how much your old mobile phones are worth. The simplest form of recycling is just a click away.