BBC Web TV - watch your Monthly Usage

So, the MyBBCPlayer is going ahead, and soon you will be able watch BBC One and BBC Two programmes on your computer at the same time as they go out on regular TV. This is great news, as it means that in a few years time, with everyone streaming and downloading content on their computers, maybe we can see the end to the horrible BBC license fee.

But beware, with more and more services springing up online, everyone will find themselves downloading a lot of data. The first question is how all our Broadband providers will cope? The second and more important question is, do they really care? As we all happily download a film, or the latest episode of Eastenders, we will be racking up Gigabytes of data. If you are on a capped service with for example an 8GB monthly limit you may well find yourself with a hefty bill, or notices from your supplier saying "You have exceeded your download limit this month. We will not charge you on this occasion, but from next month this will be a chargeable item." Even if you have an unlimited service, the fair use policy often in place may also catch you out too.

So, we might be happy about all the extra content available online, but will we still be smiling when we have to pay for it?