Sennheiser to Launch new PXC450 NoiseGard Headphones

Sennheiser have released details of their new high end PXC 450 NoiseGard 2.0 headphones, which should hit the shelves in April for £299.99.

Using new technology and their High-end Hi-fi design skills, Sennheiser leapfrog the competition to deliver the World's best noise-cancelling headphones. Built to deliver the highest quality sound possible, the PXC 450s allow travellers to privately enjoy their own music, wrapped in a virtual 'Cloak Of Silence' however noisy a train or plane might be. And no sound leaks out, so fellow passengers stay happy.

In addition Sennheiser has analysed the problems afflicting other noise-reduction headphones and fixed them;

  • PXC 450s work as headphones even if the batteries die
  • One tiny and globally available AAA battery gives 20hrs use
  • No charger to carry or expensive spare batteries to buy
  • TalkThrough button lets you hear conversations and announcements, without having to rip the phones off your head
  • The sound is clear and balanced with no heavy bass or muffled vocals
Here are some extra details on the advanced NoiseGard 2.0 electronics;
  • Sennheiser NoiseGard 2.0 electronically removes 90% of noise (more than ever) taking out the drone and roar of engines, rails etc
  • Exceptional passive noise-reduction from the closed-back design takes out voices, kids, mobile phone shouters and general noise
  • Electronics and battery all inside the headphone, nothing dangles
  • Ideal for planes, trains, tube and other noisy environments
  • Noise leakage OUT is eliminated - stop irritating fellow travellers
We hope to be able to bring you a full review soon.