Belkin TuneCast 3 - legal in car MP3

We all know by know that FM transmitters are now legal in the UK, with this in mind Belkin make some fantastic solutions for getting music from your MP3 player (hopefully an iPod), onto your car stereo. Today, Belkin announced their TuneCast 3 (now with a colourful OLED screen), which will be available soon for £39.99.

The new Belkin TuneCast 3, is a universal FM Transmitter that lets you listen to your music through any FM stereo receiver. As an enhanced version of its predecessor, the TuneCast II, the TuneCast 3 is even easier to use. The status indicator tells you when your memory presets have been saved, when it’s processing a request, or when the unit is powering off/on.
The TuneCast 3 streams audio from any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, such as MP3 players, portable DVD players, PSPs, CD players, and laptop computers. With a new sleek design, TuneCast 3 features cable management and a status indicator on the OLED screen to let you know when your presets have been saved.

We are big fans of the previous TuneCast, so will definitely be bringing you a review of this new model as soon as it becomes available.