GEAR4 Blu-Tooth - future of audio technology

GEAR4, today announced Blu-Tooth, a specially adapted crown with revolutionary Bluetooth technology that when planted into the third molar, allows you to listen to music or make hands free calls on your mobile without the need for a headset.

The Blu-Tooth is the latest in GEAR4’s line of Bluetooth related products following the BluEye and BluPhones and continues the company’s policy of pushing technological boundaries. Just larger than the size of a normal morlar, the Blu-Tooth is specially designed to clip securely onto the third molar and pick up vibrations in the jaw using patented “vibro-denture” micro technology that can be picked up by the inner ear.

It doesn’t stop there either, the device can also work as a hands free kit, pairing with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, allowing users to make and take calls much like the GEAR4 BluPhones. You can answer a call by clicking your jaw twice and end a call buy clicking it three times. The state of the art technology acts as a microphone, picking up vocal vibrations in the teeth, projecting this to the person you are calling.

Dr. H Tootulb, Dental advisor, GEAR4 Russia, commented, “The Blu-Tooth is a groundbreaking device that solves many problems in one go. It will work with any Bluetooth music device with A2DP protocol and lets you make and take calls without needing a handsfree kit, in turn making our roads safer as fewer people will have their phones glued to their ears.”

Tootulb continued, “The device needs to be taken out and charged over night on the special tooth shaped charging dock (pictured above). We believe this will become a routine activity much like taking out and washing your dentures or cleaning your teeth before you go to bed.”

Tom Dudderidge, Managing director, GEAR4, commented, “We are very excited about the Blu-Tooth. After 2 years in development, the product is finally here and we believe the possibilities are endless. If the soft launch of the device goes well on the 1st April 2008 we hope to role out drop-in clinics with Carphone Warehouse where customers could get the device fitted. Carphone is an obvious choice as it is a leading iPod/phone supplier and currently sell the GEAR4 range.

Dudderidge continued, “I have been using one of the first prototypes and I must admit, it feels like a part of me now and I don’t know how I lived without it! My dentist was a bit shocked the last time I had an appointment and couldn’t believe something like this was possible. We are also developing a dongle for your iPod so you can interrupt the music on your iPod when you receive a phone call and see who is calling on your iPod’s screen just like the GEAR4 BluEye. You can now answer your calls without decay (or delay!).

Pricing and availability
The Blu-Tooth will be available online from on April 1st 2008 and from Carphone Warehouse two weeks later. GEAR4 Blu-Tooth is £119.99 inc VAT and customised professional installation.