WWDC 2007 - What can we expect?

The Apple World Wide Developers Conference kicks off soon, running June 11th thru to June 15th at the Moscone Centre, San Francisco. Apart from the various sessions and special events, everyone looks to the Keynote by Steve Jobs, which is scheduled in for 90 minutes this time around. You all know that Geekanoids is by no means a rumour website, but I have to have my say, so below you will find my wants, alongside the rumors that other websites have mentioned. I won't mention the iPhone in my wishlist, because it is a foregone conclusion that we will get the lowdown on this product.

What I Want
I would love to see a firm ship date for the next version of the Mac OS. Leopard has some great features that we know about already, but seeing what the final offering puts on the table will be very exciting.
Next up, I would like to see updated MacBook and MacBook Pros, with new LED backlit displays. The MacBook just recently had a speed-bump, so this is unlikely, but the Pro versions may get a head start.
The Mac Mini has been reported by some rumour sites to be discontinued. This would be a big shame. Surely this little wonder, that converted so many, deserves an update, or maybe a major re-design into a Mac Midi.
My final wish is similar to my Mac Mini comments. With the Mac Pro being out of the reach of many who want a desktop machine, the Mac Mini just does not have enough power, or dual display support. So it would be nice to see something fill this middle ground. The Mac Midi would be two bays high, offering room for a second hard drive or optical drive. It would also have easily accessible memory slots. Apple must have seen (or wept) at how many took decorating tools to their Minis to get inside, so should take this opportunity to make it easy for everyone.

The Rumours
Well, it has been reported elsewhere that we will see MacBook Pros with the new Santa Rosa chipset, as well as LED backlit displays. Maybe Apple will also do something brave with a redesign. MacRumors has reported that these revisions may happen on the 5th June, leaving the way clear for a Leopard/iPhone WWDC.
It has also been said that we may see the MacBook Thin, or in other words, an ultra thin, optical drive-less, laptop with perhaps a 10-inch or 12-inch screen.
There have been other rumors floating around, but none really worth repeating here.

Enjoy the WWDC Keynote, whatever we get, it'll be an important and very exciting set of announcements.