New MacBook Pros for Tuesday

It seems that all the pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place. With WWDC just around the corner, a lot is pointing at MacBook Pro revisions this Tuesday. Firstly, it would leave the WWDC clear for Leopard and iPhone news. Plus, if Apple waited until WWDC to update the MacBook Pro, then this would be right in the middle of their "Back to School" promotion.

The MacBook Pro is definitely due for an update, so this all really makes sense. There have also been reports of orders being placed blindly at Apple for an undisclosed new model. What could the revisions include? Well, I would expect the new Santa Rosa chipset, which would mean increased performance and better battery life. LED backlit displays, would also equal better battery life and better display performance. We may also see a slightly revised design, maybe even a matt finish powder coated or anodised black offering. One last possibility is a new 17-inch HD model, with increased screen resolution. Though this HD model is a possibility, it may well over complicate the line-up, so is the least likely of the revisions. Tune in on Tuesday to see if anything occurs.