Apple Event Regent Street London - Mum is no longer the word

The 'Mum is no longer the word event is due to start in London today at 10am. The likeliness is that we will see the launch of the iPhone in the UK, with carrier details, pricing, and possibly even stock. Steve Jobs is here too, so it must be a big thing. We will be bringing you news as it happens…

Update 1 - The O2 Store is currently offline. This could be an early indication of something about to be added to their store. Strange the Apple Store UK is still online.

Update 2 - OK, Steve has stood right up and announced the iPhone is with O2. £269 gets you the 8GB iPhone, on sale November 9th.

Update 3 - New advert for the UK. Well, same one as the US, but with a British voiceover.

Update 4 - Matthew Key from O2 UK is now up on stage. He is really excited about the iPhone , quote "I knew it was a breakthrough product".

Update 5 - Available through Carphone Warehouse. Unlimited data on £35, £45 and £55 tariffs. Sad news is that there is no 3G.

Update 6 - The Apple Store UK (online) is not available. This happened why I was busy bringing you this news.

Update 7 - Steve back on stage for Q&A. Why no 3G? It is due to 3G chips using too much power. This would take the iPhone down to 2-3 hours, the iPhone currently gives 8 hours. 3G is something we think we'll see later next year.

Update 8 - Partnership to bring over 7,000 wi-fi hotspots to iPhone users in the UK. These are via Cloud and are FREE.

Update 9 - What about iTunes activation? Yes, this works the same, allows you to select your plan and then activate.

Update 10 - What is the contract length and is unlimited data really unlimited? 18 months contract. 1,400 internet pages per day limit, over this would break the deal as part of the fair usage agreement.

Update 11 - Big question; Is unlocking a concern? Steve; "It's a constant cat and mouse game, we have the same thing with the iPod and music." Steve is not sure if they are the cat or the mouse.

Update 12 - Matthew Key is asked if he was aware of the iPod Touch coming out when he was negotiating the iPhone deal. He completely dodges the question.

**BIG NEWS** 10:33am The O2 online store has been updated with the iPhone Coming Soon page. You get free voicemail on all tariffs and special roaming rates. The £35 tariff gets you 200 minutes of calls and 200 SMS, £45 gets you 600 minutes of calls and 500 SMS, and £55 gets you 1,200 minutes of calls and 500 SMS. Unlimited data and unlimited wi-fi (with conditions).

Here is a screen grab of the O2 iPhone Tarrifs;

There were a few more questions about if the 2-megapixel camera is good enough for the UK, to which Steve replied that the camera is great. Plus 1st October will see the unlimited data plans rolled out to all existing O2 UK customers. That's it, announcements over, now to get our hands on an iPhone as quickly as possible.

Apple Store UK (online) is now back up and running, just with a new page accessible from the main store to one showing the iPhone available November 9th, plus the chance to sign up for more info. The main Apple website also features this iPhone page. Carphone Warhouse also updated with an O2 graphic, details and pricing on this page.