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Last year it was reported that 7 out of 10 people in the UK own a Smartphone. Nowadays, many of us have come to rely heavily on our mobile phones, from the mundane function of waking us up; to reminding us about important events and, obviously, keeping us connected with others. Naturally, mobile device related mishaps happen from time to time; these accidents can be anything from breaking the screen to more technical issues such as liquid damage. In fact, a well-known technology news source reported that 26% of iPhones break within 2 years of purchase.

Quick Mobile Fix is a new national mobile device repair service that offers a solution to the problems many of us face when our mobile phone breaks, mainly, how do I contact people now? Not only will Quick Mobile Fix mend your current mobile phone, tablet or iPod with their 24 hour service, but, also, offer incredibly competitive prices, include free postage and a 1 year warranty on all repairs, and will, additionally, offer you a courtesy phone in return. The phones on offer range from basic Nokia’s to the latest iPhone & Samsung Galaxy.

Quick Mobile Fix repairs all Samsung phones, iPhones and iPads, which is handy, because iFixit have recently announced that the latest iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are trickier to repair than the iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is harder to fix than its predecessor. Aside from these fantastic offerings, Quick Mobile Fix also sells a number of different used and reconditioned mobile phones at affordable prices.

To find out more about this useful new service please check out www.QuickMobileFix.com or follow @QuickMobileFix on Twitter.

iPhone screen recording app slips onto the App Store

An iPhone application that allows users to record their screens, including screen activity while using third-party apps on your phone, has managed to sneak onto the App Store.

xRec, which was published on Saturday and costs $1.99 on (iTunes), can record screen activity in its entirety. The software requires an active Internet connection to work and, according to tech site Giga (Google Translate), uses code from jailbreak app RecordMyScreen, which offers a similar feature set and user interface.

The app shows a red, pulsing bar at the top of the screen when it's recording, something that cannot be removed. Users also can record audio at various quality levels with the app. You can save the captured data to your camera roll or send it to other installed apps.

Screen recording is not something Apple provides to developers to add to their apps, let alone something that can record activity in other software.

The software, which Apple likely will remove, requires iOS 5. Its developer says it will not work with iOS 7, Apple's upcoming mobile operating system update.

This is not the first screen recording app to hit the App Store, but the capability to record activity from other applications is unique. iOS app UX Recorder also records on-screen activity, but it's limited to the front-facing camera and the Web browser built into the app.

Source: CNET

Apple plotting iPhone sales overhaul, report says

Apple is said to be plotting new incentives and schemes to persuade shoppers to buy the iPhone in-store.

Head honcho Tim Cook imparted some of the new measures -- which could include more price-matching and trade-in options -- at a chinwag with Apple's retail chiefs, 9to5Mac reports, citing "multiple people familiar with the internal event".

The move apparently comes in a bid to fight competition from Android smart phones. While Cook is supposedly happy with sales figures for Mac and iPad devices, he wants more customers to buy iPhones from inside Apple shops, so that they get a gander at the other glossy gadgets Apple offers.

The move could have some positive consequences for shoppers. The possibility of a previously rumoured trade-in scheme is mentioned once more, for example. This retail ploy would likely see you getting a discount on your next iPhone when you trade in an older model.

The program could also let you upgrade a damaged, older iPhone to a refurbished iPhone 5, the report says, with price-matching programs for international stores also tipped.

Source: CNET


High-Resolution Renderings of Apple's Lower-Cost Plastic iPhone

While Apple has been rumored for some time to be planning to launch a lower-cost iPhone available in multiple colors with a plastic shell, reports have been picking up steam in recent weeks, led in part by a claim that Apple will be adopting the bright colors it used for its iPhone 4/4S bumpers. That report was followed by leaked design drawingsfrom a case maker showing the expected measurements and physical features of the device. 

And just this past weekend, several new images were posted to Chinese forum site WeiPhone showing what may be rear shells from the lower-cost iPhone in yellow, red, and green. 

Based on all of this recent information, we once again commissioned Ciccarese Design to produce some high-quality mockups intended to capture the lower-cost iPhone's size, shape, and texture given that it will mark a departure from the nearly all metal and glass bodies of recent iPhone models. 

The renderings show a slightly thicker device than the iPhone 5, measuring at 8.5 mm thick compared to 7.6 mm for the iPhone 5. The lower-cost iPhone is also slightly taller and wider than the iPhone 5 to account for the thicker plastic shell. 

Physical features are very similar to those of the iPhone 5, although the volume buttons appear to be shifting from the round design seen on recent iPhone models to pill-shaped, and the speaker and microphone holes along the bottom edge will also see a simpler design compared to the iPhone 5. 

Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 5S flagship device later this year, most likely around the same September-October timeframe seen the past two years. The company's lower-cost iPhone is likely to make its debut at around the same time, offering an updated more affordable option for consumers, particularly in markets where carrier subsidies are uncommon.

Source: Mac Rumours


iOS 7 Beta 2 Tidbits: New Welcome Screen, Updated Siri Voices, iCloud Fixes, Voice Memos App

Apple seeded iOS 7 beta 2 to developers today, adding a number of new and improved features to the operating system including support for the iPad, improved Siri integration, and the missing Voice Memos app. 

iOS 7 beta 2 also brings a slew of minor interface tweaks that make the second version of the beta feel far more polished. Here are some of the more significant changes that can be found in the update: 

Welcome Screen: iOS 7 beta 2 introduced a new Welcome Screen that asks for an iCloud password, allows users to turn on iMessages and choose associated email addresses, and set up a passcode on the device. 

Voice Memos: The Voice Memos app was missing from the first iOS 7 beta, but with beta 2, the app has returned and is now fully functional...

Read the full story here. Source: Mac Rumours 

Blockbuster releases On Demand video streaming app for iOS

Blockbuster announced its entrance back into the video streaming game in January after pledging to exit that market late last year. Today, Blockbuster's reincarnation as a video streaming service continues, as the company rolled out its On Demand app for iOS, bringing "thousands" of movies to iPads and iPhones running iOS 4.3 and up. By adding Apple devices to the fold, Blockbuster can now shoot movies to the majority of mobile devices -- previously it was only available for Android (plus Mac, PC, Roku and Samsung Smart TVs). So, if you're looking for 1080p video with 5.1 surround streaming to your Apple-fied mobile screen, your download awaits.

Source: Engadget


Apple Releases iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5 With New Speakerphone Audio Profile

Apple today released a minor iOS 6.1.4 update, bringing an updated audio profile for speakerphone. The new version, which arrives as Build 10B350, appears to only be for the iPhone 5. 

The update did not involve a beta testing period for developers and follows the release of iOS 6.1.3 in mid-March.

Source: Mac Rumours

Apple Risking iOS 7 Delays With Jony Ive's Design Overhaul

 Over the past several months, rumors of Jony Ive's influence on iOS 7 as part of his new role overseeing user interface design in addition to hardware have surfaced, indicating that Ive is pushing to adopt a "flatter" design that will modernize the look of iOS. 

In a lengthy report, Bloomberg now notes that this major effort to remake iOS puts Apple at risk of delaying the launch of iOS 7. While a public launch is said to currently remain on schedule for "as soon as September", Apple's internal deadlines have been pushed back as Apple's software teams race to complete their work and ready a preview for next month's Worldwide Developers Conference...

Read the full story here. Source: Mac Rumours

How can I increase my productivity with a Smartphone?

With Angry Birds, Draw Something and countless other games at your finger tips, not to mention an opportunity to text, tweet and call your friends, you might think smartphones are nothing but a distraction. But why are so many companies so keen to shell out on sparkling new phones for their employees? 

The truth is there are as many uses for a Smartphone that increase your productivity. And, whether you are a student or a stockbroker, you can harness your phone’s multitude of functions to make your life easier. 

From Microsoft Office software to offline web readers, there are hundreds of apps you can download to help you through your day. With such a range available, you can customize your phone to provide a number of different functions that perfectly suit you. Many are free, and the others are very affordable, so it is not costly to try out a number of different options before settling on the best fit.

Working on the go
It is worth recognizing that the basic essentials of working on the go are just as vital to your productivity as the flashier stuff a Smartphone can do. The latest Samsung or iPhone deals with the basic essentials of working and staying in touch on the go in an intuitive manner. Calling, texting and emailing has never been easier, meaning we can all stay better connected and more responsive.

For most phone users, the biggest advance made by smartphones was in the quality of the mobile Internet browsing experience. But the iPhone does not just make it easier to go online on your phone. Thanks to tethering, user are able to access the Internet on your laptop while you are out of the range of, or unable to access other wireless connections. Now that your mobile and wireless dongle come in the same package you don’t have to worry about carrying another piece of technology around, and you can negotiate better data packages for your packages. Make sure you mention tethering when get your next iPhone deals.

As well as a basic phone, text and email functions, mobile phones have featured calendars and address books for donkey’s year. Smartphones have taken these to the next level with the ease with which they can be synchronised with other computers and devices. Late alterations to meetings and changes to clients’ email addresses can be made while you are away from your desk without leaving you out of the loop.

It all works together
While you might be able to find a range of products and software that can replicate all the different functions your Smartphone provides, a major advantage of having it all in one package is that everything is designed to work together. By combining your phone, emails, voice recorder, calendar and the many different apps you can download, you can minimise the frustrations that technology can unfortunately lead to, and the downtime that tech failures create.

iPhone 4S Queue Update #2 (night time)

As the night draws closer, it looks like my two buddies Craig & Dan are in for a wet night. Hopefully the warm glow from the Apple Store windows will keep their spirits up.

I personally find it amazing that Craig & Dan are enduring a long long wait to get their hands on this exciting device. I wonder what Siri would say if they had it now. "Siri we are queueing up all week to buy the iPhone 4S, what do you think of that?"

Siri… 1.You are mad. 2.You are truly dedicated. or simply 3.The weather will be wet and windy in London.

iPhone 4S Queue Starts in London

With a little under a week to go until we can get an iPhone 4S in our hands, the queue has started. Two of my buddies are already outside the Apple Store in Regent Street London. Wow, this is really amazing, the dedication to getting the latest and greatest Apple device can only be commended. If you find yourself in the area, give them a shoutout and a cuppa tea ;)

Please also follow them on Twitter @flawlessfox and @Daniel277

Vodafone Sure Signal Lists iPhone 5

Vodafone made either a typo or leaked some interesting information about the iPhone 5. Their product page for their Sure Signal listed four different iPhone 5 models, including of course white (from launch). You can read the full article which was sourced from Apple Insider here.