Apple Special Event Update - Apple PDA

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the big day, where we expect to see announcements of a new 6th generation iPod, which is predicted to be more or less a phoneless iPhone, but with upto 120GB of storage. Other rumoured features for the so called 'iPod Touch' include updating and possibly purchasing/downloading content via wifi. Now, with features like this, things start to become interesting. If we do get wifi on an OS X based iPod, then we will more than likely get the internet too. Add to this all those third party applications, and you can go old skool and more or less have yourself a modern day Apple PDA. This is really exciting for me, as although I have a Newton, I missed it first time around. I have had a Palm and PocketPC, but never stuck with any due to my Apple lifestyle and liking devices that work properly. So, if this device is announced, then I will be one of the first to get the plastic out and splash the cash (or credit).

Something else for you all to check out is some more rumoured details and some nice screenshots over at ThinkSecret.