BBC iPlayer - iPod touch friendly!

After following the ups and downs of the BBC's support for the Apple Mac platform (yes, I even signed the petition), I was amazed at my discovery yesterday. Many of the on-demand TV services are not that friendly with the Mac, so when I learned that the BBC were developing support for our beloved Macs, I was really pleased.

Just last night I found myself browsing the internet with my iPod touch. When I went onto the BBC iPlayer site, to see if there were any updated news on Mac support, I clicked on a programme just to see what happened. To my surprise, Quicktime stepped in and played the programme. Perfectly formatted for the iPod touch screen, I could now watch the last seven days of television, via wi-fi on my touch. OK, so some of the programmes are not available, but that is down to the BBC and not the particular device being used to watch. The couple I did watch showed a perfect picture and nice speed buffering, so no pauses or skips. This may well be old news that had skipped my radar, but I wanted to shout out a big 'THANK YOU' to the BBC... let's hope the other channels follow.