VeryPC launches green computer system

British eco computer firm VeryPC has announced the launch of their greenest product to date. Aimed at all sizes of organisations, from SMEs to PLCs, GreenHive reduces the electricity per user to a measly 9 watts (excluding screens). Despite this, each user still has the ability to draw on the power of an AMD energy efficient 2.3GHz multi-core processor. A normal PC could typically use 100W or even more.

For example a call centre with 560 PC’s would save around £85,000 pounds a year in electricity by switching to GreenHive from a traditional desktop PC solution.

GreenHive works on the principle of having special GreenPCs, each act as a hub for distributed processing, storage and connectivity for up to 7 users within 10m. VeryPC’s own research shows that a typical multicore office PC sees about 5% average use of its processing resources, they have shown that by sharing the processing power with other users, a similar speed can be achieved, but more users can be accommodated.

GreenHive is not a thin client, and as such doesn’t require special ‘Terminal’ servers, the GreenHive will plug straight into an existing network without modification. It was recently announced [1] that a medium sized server in a data centre has a similar carbon footprint to a 4x4 doing 15mpg. A GreenHive unit has a similar operational footprint to a light bulb, and like a light bulb can be turned off when not in use.

VeryPC MD Peter Hopton says “it can save an organisation over 90% of the electricity associated with their computer towers, which equates to a lot of money in a business environment.....not only is GreenHive operationally more efficient, but it also provides huge reductions in manufacturing energy, logistical energy and waste electronics.”

Businesses can pick up a GreenHive box for 7 users from just £1500, or they can get a package for the appealing price tag of £3300 including flat screen monitors, colour laser copier, a three year next day swap out warranty and a three year online back-up.

The company hopes to prove that being environmentally friendly can also be economical. They can be contacted on 0845 6170 081.