My Switch from Boot Camp to VMWare Fusion

My platform of choice is a MacBook Pro (or Mac of some description) running Mac OS X Leopard. I just love the way Leopard is so stable and let's me get on with being creative. In some circumstances I just need to delve into Windows XP. Mainly to run my accounting software, but also my kids ask me to run little utilities and exe files they download (from trusted sites). I used to use Apple's Boot Camp, but I got really fed up of rebooting my Mac every time I needed to run Windows XP. This is where VMWare Fusion is so powerful, I can run virtual machines right within OS X Leopard, without needing to restart. It really does make life a lot simpler.
I switched to VMWare Fusion because I wanted the Best of Both Worlds.

Please check out my video and feel free to leave your comments.