Case-Mate launches new Naked cases for iPhone and touch

Most cases for the iPhone and touch are open-faced, so that you can use the touch screen. This is OK, but does leave the screen open to scratches. Case-Mate have announced a new case today that sounds very promising.

The Naked Case, by Case-Mate, is the only case that provides full protection of the device, including the screen while at the same time allowing full touch-through access to the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The patent-pending electrostatic membrane on the front of the case passes electrical pulses through to the device's screen, insuring that touch controls work flawlessly while in the case. Precise cutouts allow access to all other controls. The solid acrylic protects the device while allowing its true beauty to shine through. In fact, it's as if the iPhone or iPod Touch was wearing nothing at all! The Naked Case is the only case that offers 360 degree protection of the iPhone and iPod Touch. The case is available for order here.