New iPhone 3G Tariffs O2 UK + PAYG + Free Upgrades

During the exciting announcements for the 3G iPhone last night, it was great news that the UK will be getting the new model on 11th July. It seems that we will also be treated to a PAYG version, so a double whammy of great news. Going for the triple, O2 have also published their costings for the iPhone 3G on various tariffs. The goods news is that the 8GB and 16GB models are free on their highest £75/month tariff, and the 8GB model is also free on the lower £45/month option. Both models are significantly cheaper, with £159 being the most you will pay for the 16GB version on the lowest £30/month deal... I know where my money will be going.

Existing users can also upgrade to the new version free of charge. The only requirement is that you sign a new 18 month contract. You will not be expected to complete your current contract or pay for ending it early... fantastic.

Check out the new tariffs here.