Geekanoids - Mac & Gadget Show

I wanted to give you the heads up on my new Mac & Gadget Show. For a long time now I have been wanting to do a show where I could bring fellow Mac users together. Nothing formal, just a chat about the computer platform that we all love. So, every Sunday at 5:00pm UK time (GMT) or 12:00pm (EDT) you can head on over to Talkshoe and catch the show. It is free to register and then you can either just listen, or join in the chat room, or even call in on a regular phone, Skype or Gizmo project and talk on the show. If you use Gizmo Project, you can even call in totally free via SIP.

How to join in the show
Go to the Talkshoe page for the show here.
Make sure you are logged into your Talkshoe account (it is free to register using the 'Sign-Up' button toward the top of the page).
Click the 'Join In' button.
You will then be in the chat room and be able to listen to the show and type messages.
Note: you can join in as a Guest, but why not register, it is totally free.

To be able to put your hand-up to talk, the easiest method is Gizmo.
Or you can call in on a regular phone or Skype on (724) 444-7444 - this is a USA number.

To use Gizmo, download it here, for Mac, PC, Linux, mobile phones & Nokia Internet Tablets.
Install and restart your computer.
Sign up for a free account.
Enter this 123@ as the phone number.
You will then be prompted for the call ID (which is 20249 for the Geekanoids show), followed by the # key.
Then you will have to type in your PIN that you set-up when you registered on the Talkshoe website.
Once you have done that, you are in the voice chat. At first you will be muted, but put your hand up and you will join the queue to talk. If you also type into the chat where you are from and what you want to talk about, that helps me a lot.

So, I hope that you can join me. The next show is on Sunday, 8th June 2008 at 5:00pm UK (GMT). There might even be a special show on the Monday whilst Steve Jobs is delivering his keynote, to bring you the news as it happens.