NewMediaCreator Launch - helping creators

It gives me great pleasure to share details with you about the NewMediaCreator launch. Everything you need to know is in the video below.

For a long time now, I have been sharing my experience with technology on the Geekanoids Channel. Nothing will change there. However, over those years you (and myself) have had to research products and buy them from companies in the hope that they deliver on their promises. 

Rather than being a box-shifter with 100's of lines, NewMediaCreator features only hand-picked products that I have actually used.

"Here at NewMediaCreator we have hand-picked a selection of products that either meet or exceed our expectations. They will enhance your productions, either in audio or visual quality or in the way they make your workflow easier. We don't believe in struggling or just managing, instead the tools we use should disappear into the background allowing us to focus on our creativity."

I am so excited to share this all with you. Geekanoids is an open community, so if you ever have any feedback or suggestions for new products just get in touch.

More Details on Geekanoids 2013 Content

About a week or so ago I started talking about the new content that will be coming to The Geekanoids Channel. Well, half of the story is almost ready to share. We have been investing in new equipment, which is now in the studio and in place. The results are looking very good.

As a trial, three videos have been recorded. The first of which will be shown mid-next week. The review incorporates the usual in-depth look at the product being tested. However, in addition, we have some special footage cut into the edit which will give you even more detail about the product. I won't give you any 100% spoilers here, but would like to say that it looks really good. Not every product will be treated to this special footage, only those that warrant it. In addition, since shooting these three trial videos, another piece of equipment arrived so further improvements can be made for future videos.

Geekanoids has now been publishing videos for six years and we always endeavour to improve the content year-on-year. This is just one step we have taken. Plenty more funds throughout 2013 will be invested to ensure that you get superb videos to both inform & entertain you.

The second half of the Geekanoids 2013 story is still in planning. Be sure to check back on the channel and of course the website regularly so you are the first to know the big news.

Geekanoids … 2013 and Beyond

As you may be aware, we have been bringing you videos since 1996 and it has been a fun ride. However, whilst we are on our video rollercoaster we do not sit still. For example, 2012 saw the introduction of some new test shows, a new AV Editing Suite Series, a new editor to this very website (hello Dale) and becoming part of the awesome Base79 network.

You might think that is enough… well rest assured 2013 sees the channel going from strength-to-strength with a new kind of video footage, something that I personally have not seen a lot of online. This news update is going to start to sound like a right teaser, so I will not give away any spoilers here, other than to say that you will thoroughly enjoy the forthcoming videos and reviews. They will give you an insight into each product that will certainly show you how much effort the manufacturer has put into the design & build quality stage… enough said, all will be revealed toward the middle of January.

As the Geekanoids Channel continues to grow, I would like to thank all our viewers, new and old and also reach out to ask you to tell everyone you know about the channel. The more the merrier. Have an awesome New Year everyone.

Fresh Videos Coming in 2013

Geekanoids has now been publishing videos for over six years, bringing you the latest tech news & reviews. It is a pleasure sharing this content and all our viewer feedback is appreciated, helping to mould how The Geekanoids Channel has changed & grown.
Certainly for the past 2-3 years the schedule has been hectic, with 1-3 videos published every day (on occasion even more). In meetings and discussions, it has been decided that now is the time to change things & re-focus on production value.

You will find that the channel now publishes fewer videos, between 3-4 per week, with the same great information and opinion on the very latest products. In addition to this, come the New Year, you will see some different type of coverage. Switching up a gear to deliver you, the viewer, something different.

"I feel these changes are necessary", says Dave (owner & video guru). "Pushing out videos is all well and good, but when it comes down to trying to rush reviews just to keep up with the competition, I decided it was time to stop. I find it amazing when, for example, reviews of a mobile phone get published after on one or two days of use. It is impossible to test a product that quickly. Rather than fall into that trap and de-value The Geekanoids Channel content, I decided to take a break away from the norm, recharge my personal thoughts and publish only videos that I am happy to be released. This includes approval of our own productions and the popular guest reviews. From 2013, the quality HAS to be the VERY BEST."

So, to recap, you will see some of the currently recorded & planned videos play out for 2012, followed by a refreshing change in 2013. Keep smiling & enjoy your technology. 

Top 3 iPhone 5 Features Collab Video Coming

Apple are going to deliver the most anticipated news on the 12th September 2012… the long awaited iPhone 5. Don't wait until the 12th, you need to tune in today at 5pm GMT and check out the MOST AWESOME collaboration video with myself & Emkwan from AvorahTV on our channels. Be sure you are subscribed to Geekanoids and AvorahTV before it happens.

Tech Giveaway-a-Day - DAY 3 Winners

Over on the Geekanoids Channel it has been an exciting week. Seven days, with a new giveaway every single day. My way of saying thank you to all my viewers & readers.

Day three saw some awesome prizes courtesy of Incipio and it gives me great pleasure announcing the three winners here. 

1st Prize goes to @BTechTalk … who wins a Legend Hard Shell Case for the iPhone 4/4S.
2nd Prize goes to @bouvanrooij … who wins a new iPad Flagship Folio Brushed Aluminum Hard Shell Case
3rd Prize goes to @Frogy0 who picks up an awesome Denver Nylon Sleeve for the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Congratulations to all the winners, you will be contacted via Twitter with details of how to claim your prizes. Many thanks to all those who entered too.

Geek Competition Results - the finalists

The results of the Geek Competition were announced earlier today. It now gives us great pleasure to share the three finalists with you here. Click through to see their channels & of course subscribe if you like what you see (I am sure you will). A big thank you to all the companies involved in supplying prizes too.

First Runner-up is houlker199 who wins a Belkin Tri-Fold Folio & PowerPack 4000 (thanks to Belkin).

 Second Runner-up is TechMeOut who wins a Belkin Tri-Fold Folio & PowerPack 4000 (thanks to Belkin).

The Grand Final Winner is TechnologyGadgets who wins the following;
Blackberry Curve 9380 (thanks to Blackberry UK).
Editors Keys SL150 Mic & FCPX Keyboard (thanks to Editors Keys).
White Sennheiser HD228 Headphones (thanks to Purely Gadgets).
Belkin Conserve Surge Protector (thanks to Belkin).

Geek Competition Results

Over the past three months we have been running a very cool competition. Giving viewers the chance to make a video on a particular theme each month, with a winner selected in each round to earn their place in the final. 

I would like to personally thank everyone who entered. It has been a great pleasure watching all your videos, all of which were entertaining in their own individual way. In a way, it is a shame that there can only be three grand final entries. If you were not selected, do not worry, there will be plenty more opportunities in the future… keep making videos… and keep enjoying what you do.

Well, the time has come now. The video below reveals the best from round three, followed by the three videos in the Grand Final and of course the overall winner. I won't spoil anything in this text, other than to say congratulations to the prize winners. There will be a further post later, showing all three finalist videos for you to enjoy.

FRESH Unboxings & Other Channels

BIG NEWS! today sees the launch of a brand new channel. FRESH Unboxings has launched with its introduction video and the very first product unboxing. You can watch the very first video here.

I wanted to let you all know what the new channel will deliver and answer a pressing question… why start up another channel on YouTube?

FRESH Unboxings will be delivery purely gaming related content. Revealing special, limited & licensed editions of products. Here at the Geekanoids studio we get a lot of games, capture devices, headsets etc. So much so, that it could never all fit onto the existing channel. So, new channel, new style, new content and we hope you really enjoy it.

Now onto that question… why start up another channel? That is very easy to answer, Geekanoids is for the Geeky videos. These include the Apple devices & related products, photography, videography, mobile phones and technology videos. DailyTechTV exists for bringing you technology discussion on a daily basis by answering viewer questions. Then there is GeekVloggz, where you see me having some fun & a moan and giving you an insight into the person behind Geekanoids (yes me, Dave the Geek).
Mixing the new gaming related content in with our Geeky videos would be very confusing for subscribers, so it is a natural progression to separate it onto another channel. This gives us scope to build a network of channels that will grow into a major production company with other content producers coming on-board.

So, sit back, click those links and what the awesome content that Geekanoids producers. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our viewers for their continued support, views & comments… stay geeky :D


Geekanoids Photo Critique - January 2012 Result - Street

Throughout January everyone got busy with their cameras and submitted some awesome photos to the January Flickr Group. I would like to say a big thank you to all those who took part.

The best ten photos below (in no particular order) have all been discussed in the video above and the best photo has been chosen. Courtesy of the kind people at Albelli UK, the photographer of the winning photo has been awarded a £30 voucher to spend at which can be used against an order of a wonderful photo book or other photo related item.

Sleeping #9

Sleeping #9 by Casaper



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Day #13 • The Market

Day #13 The Market by Andy Nico



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SPNC - Year 2 - Instruction # 07  PINK

SNPC - Year 2 - Instruction #7 Pink by fitzlaurafitz



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prime pink

Prime Pink by LoWinterSun


Big Issue

Big Issue by CJ Ware



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