New iPod touch launched today by Apple

Well, Apple have done what seems like a nice revision to the iPod touch.

Main changes include the addition of side mounted volume buttons (like the iPhone), polished curved aluminum back, and the inclusion of the Nike+iPod receiver built into the unit. No news yet of if the transmitter is included in the box (as this is still a requirement), although from reading the specification it says 'Nike+ iPod Support', so this suggests that an additional purchase is still required.

Creating Genius playlists actually on the device is a nice touch. I am not too keen on the highly polished back. The brushed finish of the original iPhone was much nicer, at least the fingerprints that so many complain about on Apple kit were not a problem.

At £169, £219 and £279 for the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB respectively, this is a nice, but not essential upgrade. However, if you are in the market for an iPod, then the 'touch' really is a nice proposition.

Size and Weight
Height:4.1 inches (110 mm)
Width:2.4 inches (61.8 mm)
Depth:0.33 inch (8.5 mm)
Weight:4.05 ounces (115 grams)
Display 3.5-inch (diagonal)
Multi-Touch color LCD
320 by 480 pixels at 163 ppi
Up to 6 hours video playback
Up to 36 hours music playback