Apple launch new iPod Shuffle

How small can Apple get these little wonders, with the newly launched iPod Shuffle is tiny in comparison to the previous generation. In the photo here you can see the new Shuffle in the back of the image to your left, then older version (front) is massive in comparison. So, just how did they do it. Well, they moved the controls onto the earphone cable, with cool touchy feely buttons that perform different functions if your single click, double click, or click and hold. You get voice feedback, with track details and the ability to change playlists at the voice prompts. Curiously, Mac owners get a male voice, whilst our PC counterparts get a female voice.

These little wonders are available online to order now, with 5 business days shipping. One capacity (4GB) and a choice of white or black. Your pocket will be £59 lighter, but you will have one of the smallest MP3 players in the world.