T-Mobile & Blockbuster made my night for just a fiver!

 I love gaming, my second love is a good film, something like a few rounds of COD followed by sitting down to Avatar is pretty much all it takes to make my night perfect. On some occasions though I find myself at a loose end and fancy a change, but I just hate buying a game at full price and finding it is rubbish, so rental is sometimes the way to go. So, being on T-Mobile with my HTC Desire I took advantage of their special night in deal. To keep it simple, you have to text this special number and then they text you back a voucher code. Then you head on down to Blockbuster and you get a game and a film for two nights, plus a bottle of pop, some popcorn and a bag of the sugary stuff, all for just a fiver. This is just fantastic VFM.

I went for Avatar the Game for the PS3, having watched the film I really fancied a look at the game. Actually it was pretty fun, some awesome graphics and nice gameplay. The only downside are that the controls were a little hit and miss, but both myself and my mate had a blast at it. The film of choice just had to be The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, something weird and far out to go along with the popcorn. This film is so weird, following the life and adventures of the crazy doctor who has made a deal with the devil for eternal life. They travel around with this weird sideshow that takes visitors into another world. A plus point for myself is that Verne Troyer plays the part of Percy and I really like him as an actor. Although the storyline is quite hard to grasp, there are some wonderful visuals in the film that make it a very worthwhile watch. Even if I had paid £5 for just the film and game, I would rate it a bargain. The fact that you get drink, popcorn and sweets thrown into the mix, make it a no brainer. Thanks T-Mobile !

Full details of the deal are below, or simply follow this link.

  • Rent a movie and a game, and grab some snacks – all for £5
  • Pick a movie and a game, or 2 movies – for 2 nights
  • Grab a bottle of cola, bag of popcorn and a bag of sweets
  • Get this offer every single week, between Monday-Thursday
  • Just text ‘NIGHT IN’ to 3000 for free, get your voucher code and pop in to your local Blockbuster store
  • It’s that simple – and exclusive to T-Mobile Customers
  • You'll need to be a T-Mobile customer and a member of Blockbuster to take advantage of this offer
  • Simply text 'NIGHT IN' to 3000 for free. We'll send you a voucher code by text, which you have to show on your mobile phone in your local Blockbuster store to claim your 5 for £5