Geekanoids Design Me Competition

This is your chance to show your creative talent!

Here at Geekanoids I run the two YouTube Channels, my Flickr, social networking and of course the website you are reading this article on. This leaves me very little time to get my creative thinking cap on. There are so so many talented people out there and I would expect a lot of my viewers have a great flair for design.

Well, now is the time to shine. Get your creative juices flowing and make me a funky background and avatar. All entries will be displayed on this very website so you can an idea of the competition you are up against.

Design ideas
I really like graffiti and those bright bold neon colours. Simple designs sometimes work best, but that is not to say that something with loads of detail could work too. Hidden gems in the design to do with Apple and technology could also be a winning formula.
I will be adding a photo or graphic of my face into the centre of the design (possibly), so please allow for this in your entry. 

What you need to do;
1. Create a graphic at 1920x1080 dimensions, at 72dpi.
2. Crop a similar design from this at 300x300, again 72dpi.
3. Send both designs to with the words 'Design Me Competition' in the subject of your email.

That's it, simple!

What you get
If your design is chosen as the winner, it will be used in forthcoming Geekanoids & DailyTechTV videos. Great exposure for you and a chance to show your talent. For the first six videos it appears in you will also get a link in the video description to your website and/or YouTube channel. In addition to this you will also get a BIG shoutout in the competition result video.

By entering you give Geekanoids the rights to use the graphic in any videos, websites, promotion material forever.
You also give up the rights to use the design in your own media (eg. videos, websites etc).
The work must be your own and not copied from elsewhere, by submitting the entry you are acknowledging that the design is completely original and your own work.
No correspondence will be entered into if your design does not win or is not good enough to be featured alongside other entries. If you don't see it on here, no need to ask ;) 
Closing date for competition is 31st March 2011.