Starfront: Collision HD Out Now

Gameloft today announced Starfront: Collision HD is out now on iPad. Heralded as one of the best real-time strategy games for iPhone, Starfront: Collision makes its way to iPad with a brand new interface and key optimisations to give you a compelling real-time strategy experience at your fingertips.
With Starfront: Collision HD, choose from 3 unique races - The Myriads, Consortium and Wardens - and deploy your strategy for victory in battle. Each faction can construct 8 different buildings and over 10 destructive units to build up their base and mount an unstoppable assault on adversaries. Once the solo campaign has been mastered, players are invited to put their skills to the test in exciting 4-player local & online multiplayer battles spread across multiple maps.
Trailers for the iPad version

This app can be be found, now, on the App Store