Father & Son app, go live on app store.

MEDL Mobile is a leading mobile development studio with a track record of App Store hits such as Boxhead: The Zombie Wars - a game with nearly 1,000,000 players around the world. But when the team was hired by a father and son with an iPhone dream to create the game, "Fruit Blast", the initial launch didn't go to plan. 

The game, which features a fruit-throwing monkey who splats the user's screen with bananas, apples and pears, had all the mechanics of a hit. However, the app never broke through to the top of the App Store. Unflustered, the father/son team recruited family members, friends and colleagues to help tear the game down to it's core elements - and then worked with MEDL to build it back up better and stronger than before. 

The result is Fruit Blast 2.0 - with all new graphics, new controls, new animations, a connection to Apple's Game Center, and a host of new features and fun. 

"This whole process has been an amazing experience for my son Parker and I." said Mark Lewis. "It's a real world opportunity to teach him about following your dreams, learning from your mistakes, and not giving up on success." 

The essence of the game remains the same. A crazed monkey throws fruit at the player, who uses the accelerometer to aim fruit blasting weapons and destroy the flying fruit before it splats all over the screen. But the team analyzed and improved every aspect of the game - from the initial load and help screen - through to the in-game purchases that allow a user to acquire bigger and better weapons. 

"I can't wait for feedback from the current users." said Jon Rockmore, a Project Manager from MEDL Mobile. "We stayed true to what the game's fans loved. But we were given a lot of latitude to push the game in every way that made sense." 

Fruit Blast will be made available for the first 10,000 downloads for free on the iTunes App Store. 

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