Tweakker release free beta to android users

Mobile Internet connectivity company Tweakker today releases a free beta version of an Android app aimed at helping the growing number of Android users in over 150 countries on the networks of more than 600 operators to start getting the full enjoyment of their new devices in less than one minute. 

The Android app can be downloaded from here. The app solves a growing global problem. According to Google, it activates 350,000 new Android devices every day. Google has also established that Android users are downloading 16.66 million apps per day, 695,000 apps per hour, 11,500 apps per minute, or 193 apps per second. 

But, as increasing numbers of Android users take advantage of mobile virtual network operators (MVNO's) budget offerings for smartphones with all-you-can-eat data subscription plans, they struggle to get the right Internet settings to surf the Internet and download apps. 
Android users can experience numerous problems in getting online. Examples:
- user's operator is not supported in the Android OS
- user's subscription is not supported in the Android OS
- users change operator and settings are not installed automatically
- users reset their phone and all settings are lost

These problems affect especially mobile users in emerging markets where operators do not have advanced systems that push correct settings to a user's phone. And as complex smartphones spread in these markets, connectivity problems can only increase.

Installing Tweakker's Android application "All operator APNs | Beta" on an Android phone is very simple. Once installed, the app asks the user to select his operator and subscription plan and then connects automatically to Tweakker's internet settings database. The app then installs correct settings on the phone.

It's as simple as that. Tweakker's app is automatic, free and transcends geographical barriers and language, supports over 150 countries, 600 network operators and provides over 700 internet settings. 
As you would expect from the world's most innovative Internet connectivity company, the app comes with great graphics, an automatic connection test checker, and corrects any faulty manual set-ups made previously by Android users. In the unlikely event of installation problems, the app will roll back to previously installed settings and Tweakker's staff is available to provide personal support.

Tweakker's app is a fully functional free beta version and will be available for a couple of weeks. Tweakker will then fine tune the app based on feedback and usage data and provide a final version for download from the Android Market. The final app will also support other settings including MMS and email.

"Tweakker's fundamental role in the mobile space is to simplify the process of getting mobile users online and fully enjoying their devices in the shortest timeframe," says Dennis Juul Poulsen, Tweakker's business director. "Every minute counts in the mobile space and this Android app provides mobile users all the functionality of their new phones within one minute."