Accessories for your smartphone

Today’s smartphones come with a whole hoard of accessories including fashionable cases, speakers, headphones, scratch resistant covers and even diamante jewels.
When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S, you do receive a few items in the box with the mobile. These include a 1650mh battery, various travel adaptors, which will most definitely appeal to those that travel a lot for both business and pleasure.  There is also an inbox headset and a quick start guide in order to allow users to look to when they on unsure of a certain application or working of the mobile.
Optional items include the likes of speakers, which are great for your room, especially if you like to store a lot of music on your phone!
You are also able to invest in a BT Headset, in order to chat away on a handsfree device and this is good news for those that complete a lot of tasks whilst on the phone as they don’t need to hold the handset to their ear. The Galaxy S 2 also offers an in car dock kit, which again is great for those that like to talk safely whilst doing other things.
Others things the user can purchase include a power pack, a desktop dock kit, a HDTV adapter and a leather pouch, which will not only protect your new scratch free phone, it also looks super stylish.
Users can also invest in a USB connector and a battery charger stand.
Over all many phones today allow you to purchase a variety of assets that will only enhance the handset as well as its ability.