Top 5 iPad Mini Features

The popular Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 are about to enter their biggest challenge yet, the iPad Mini. Apple have sent out invitations telling people that they have “got a little more to show you” – a smaller tablet. Likely to be between seven and eight inches in length, they hope it will help capture even more of the market share.

Already 70% of the April to June quarter was controlled by Apple but the popular one hand tablets still hold some value to the company. Steve Jobs had questioned the idea of a smaller iPad, but with more and more people taking up mobile phone recycling or enjoying a product you can hold in one hand there is a gap there for them. Let’s take a look at the likely features:

  • Retina display – This newer iPad will have a smaller and super-sharp screen to enjoy. This needs to be done thanks to newer versions of their competitor tablets having impressive resolutions.
  • Smaller screen – Of course, it’s a mini but even still, the 7.85-inch screen that it is likely to be might be bigger than their rivals but it is a refreshing size compared to the 9.7-inch iPad.
  • Younger market – Maybe not a great feature for a lot of users, smaller tablets are great for children. Parents like cheaper devices that are easier to look after, and this will fit the void.
  • Camera – The casing components doing the rounds so far show that there will be a rear camera on the mini. This will be without flash and the resolution is unknown but we can go by history. First iPhone camera – awful, first iPod camera – rubbish, don’t hold your breath.
  • Battery – A leaked photo has shown that the iPad mini is likely to have a battery that is three times more powerful than the iPhone 5. This means that it will be between the new iPhone and new iPad in battery life, a very useful place to be by all accounts.

Before the product is actually launched it can be hard to distinguish what will be the top features. But, with mobile phone recycling on the rise and tablets likely to get better specs and battery it is a step that Apple needs to take. Their halo effect on products will mean that this is useful for market share, especially as the iPod seems to be getting phased out.