Teardown of Retina iPad Mini Reveals A7 Chip, LG Display, Larger Battery

The experts at iFixit have performed another one of their usual high-quality teardowns on Apple's new iPad mini with Retina display, revealing that while the device is nearly unchanged visually from the original iPad mini, it features a number of internal upgrades such as an A7 chip and M7 motion coprocessor alongside the new high-resolution display...

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Next-Generation iPad Mini Rear Shell Surfaces in 'Space Gray'

Following Apple's introduction of a new "Space Gray" color to replace the slate color previously used on the iPhone 5 and the company's iPod lineup, many have wondered whether the iPad and iPad mini will be making similar color transitions when they are updated in the near future. 

Photos of alleged next-generation iPad mini rear shells have leaked several times over the past several months, but all of the parts have been of the silver variety that is paired with a white front panel in current models...

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iOS 7 Beta Suggests Non-Retina A6-Powered iPad Mini in Development

According to the iOS 7 beta, Apple is testing a new iPad mini model that includes an A6 chip -- the same as the current iPhone 5 -- and a non-retina display, reports 9to5Mac.

The information was sent to the site by developer Nick Frey, who found the details inside a file that lists all the iOS devices that support iOS 7. The A6 processor would be a logical upgrade for the iPad mini, advancing its main processing chip to the next generation.

 According to the provided information, Apple is considering three new iPad mini models: iPad “2,8,” iPad “2,9,” and iPad “2,10.” The respective code names for the devices are J75, J76, and J77. This points to one WiFi-only model and two cellular-compatible models (just like the current iPad minis).

As for what these new iPad minis will feature, the references state that the devices include the “s5l8950x” processor. This is the same A6 system-on-a-chip inside of Apple’s iPhone 5, and this would offer significant speed improvements for the iPad mini compared to the current A5-based model.

Current iPad mini models are nicknamed '2,5'; '2,6'; and '2,7'. 9to5Mac also notes that the models don't include references to '@2x' code that relates to Retina-display supported artwork -- that code is included in the iPhone 5 and the fourth-generation iPad, leading the site to conclude that the new mini will not include a Retina display.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has vacillated in recent months over Apple's plans for the iPad mini, most recently saying that a Retina-equipped device would launch sometime in March or April of 2014, with Apple not planning to upgrade the device at all until that time.

It's possible that this non-retina iPad mini is merely a device in testing, but while Kuo has a strong track record, it's always possible that Apple could change product release plans at the last minute.

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Analyst Flip-Flops Again: Thinner iPad Mini in Late 2013, Retina Display in Early 2014

DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim is going back on statements he made back in May, when he said the next model of the iPad mini -- expected this fall -- would come equipped with a Retina display and an updated processor. In an added twist, before he made that statement, Shim said the Retina iPad mini would not ship before 2014.

Now, Shim writes that Apple will refresh its iPad mini line later this year, but the Retina display will not make an appearance before 2014.

Apple is expected to refresh its iPad mini in the second half of the year. The new iPad mini will continue to use a 7.9-inch display with a 1024×768 resolution, but it will use the iOS 7 operating system and an A6 processor, in a slimmer design than the current generation. Another iPad mini is also planned for production but not until early 2014. That device is expected to feature a QXGA (2048×1536) resolution display and the iOS 7 operating system.

It's unclear which DisplaySearch report is correct, though it's widely expected that Apple will ship a Retina-display equipped iPad mini at some point.

More notably, Shim does expect the iPad mini update this fall to bring a thinner case, regardless of whether it has a Retina display or not. Apple CEO Tim Cook did warn analysts and other Apple watchers to take rumors from the Apple supply chain with a grain of salt.

Apple is expected to introduce new versions of the iPhone, iPad mini and iPad this fall.

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Apple Slashes Prices on Refurbished iPad Mini and iPad 4 Models

iPad mini 

- 16 GB Wi-Fi: $279, down from $299 previously and $329 brand-new 
- 32 GB Wi-Fi: $359, down from $389 previously and $429 brand-new 
- 64 GB Wi-Fi: $439, down from $489 previously and $529 brand-new 

- 16 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $389, down from $429 previously and $459 brand-new 
- 32 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $469, down from $519 previously and $559 brand-new 
- 64 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $549, down from $619 previously and $659 brand-new 

Fourth-generation iPad 

- 16 GB Wi-Fi: $419, down from $449 previously and $499 brand-new 
- 32 GB Wi-Fi: $499, down from $549 previously and $599 brand-new 
- 64 GB Wi-Fi: $579, down from $649 previously and $699 brand-new 

- 16 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $529, down from $579 previously and $629 brand-new 
- 32 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $609, down from $679 previously and $729 brand-new 
- 64 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $689, down from $779 previously and $829 brand-new 

Introduced last October, the iPad mini and fourth-generation arrived in Apple's online store for refurbished products in mid-March at modest discounts. The company's 128 GB fourth-generation iPad models introduced in early February have yet to appear in the refurbished store. 

Rumors have indicated that Apple is unlikely to launch its next versions of the iPad and iPad mini until late this year, but the company has apparently still decided to reduce pricing on refurbished units of the current generation in order to attract more buyers as its supply of refurbished units has undoubtedly grown over the past several months. 

Update: Apple has also knocked $30 off of the price of its refurbished Thunderbolt and LED Cinema Displays, bringing the prices down to $799 compared to $999 brand-new.

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iPad 5 Rear Shell Leaks, Shows Off iPad Mini-Like Design

Apple has been unusually silent over the past several months—we haven’t seen any big announcements since the iPhone 5, which was back in September of last year. We’re quickly skipping over the company’s annual iPad announcement, and that vow of silence may tell us a lot about what to expect when a reveal does finally come. We’ve heard a lot about the likelihood of a redesigned full-size iPad—we’ve seen pictures as proof—and today’s leak further backs up rumors we’ll see a bigger iPad mini-esque for form factor.

Just last week reports suggested Apple would introduce an iPad that’s “25 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner than the fourth generation iPad.” That’s all hearsay based on an analyst note. But there was also a case leak based around the rumored thinner design, while another report said the iPad 5 would slim down because of a more efficient LEDs. There’s plenty of talk right now, but obviously we have no way of verifying anything until Apple decides to address the world about its next generation iPad.

We’re expecting Apple to send out event invites any day now, but the more likely scenario will be to wait until WWDC. If that’s the case, will Apple use the conference to announce multiple hardware devices in addition to new software? Will it now just hold one big event mid-way through the year instead of several events throughout the year? We’ll have to wait and see. It’s not typical Apple form, but nothing has been quite typical for awhile now.

MacRumors highlights another possible leak in the same iPad 5 report having to do with the iPhone 5S’s SIM try. They look identical, which is no surprise given the fact that many expect the 5S to keep the iPhone 5’s same form factor.

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Apple's 2013 Product Roadmap Predictions: Multiple iPhones, Retina iPad Mini, All-Retina MacBook Pros

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a very good track record in predicting Apple's product plans, has issued a new research report outlining his expectations for Apple's 2013 product launches. Kuo believes that Apple will focus its launches on the third quarter of this year, with a number of updates throughout the company's various product families.

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Apple releases iOS 6.0.2 update for iPhone 5 and iPad mini, promises fix for WiFi bug

It doesn't look to bring with it any major changes, but Apple has just released its latest iOS update, which takes things up to version 6.0.2. According to the company, this one primarily addresses a bug that "could impact WiFi." An issue that, incidentally, has been at the center of a number of previous iOS updates. You should be able to find the update now or in the near future in either iTunes or Software Update on your iOS device.

Update: As MacStories notes, this particular update appears to only be for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

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Digitimes claims next iPad mini to have higher-res display, next 9.7-inch iPad to be lighter

According to Digitimes, Apple’s next-generation iPad mini’s enhancements will center around the device’s display resolution. Digitimes says its sources did not specify whether or not this new iPad mini would feature a Retina display, but knowing Apple’s want to ensure application compatibility, it is highly likely that if Apple goes higher-resolution on the iPad mini, they will be going to the third and fourth-generation 9.7-inch iPad’s resolution of 2048 x 1536 (something to note is that Digitimes says that the current 9.7-inch Retina Display iPad has a resolution of 2058 x 1536, which is incorrect.)

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LTE iPad minis start arriving at customer homes as store launch imminent

While Apple apparently wanted its product shipping partners to hold off on delivering the new LTE iPads until tomorrow, November 16th, multiple readers have written in to tell us that their LTE iPads have arrived. Readers Lawrence and R. Shields sent in photos of their delivered LTE iPad minis.

We’ve also heard that some Apple Stores have enough LTE iPad supply to begin sales as soon as tomorrow, but it is up to corporate to give the green light on sales. Some stores have already been preparing “queue cards” to give to customers interested in purchasing the LTE iPad models.

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Eco-friendly Sleeves for iPad Mini Now Available at ColcaSac

Unlike most iPad Mini cases and covers out in the market, ColcaSac iPad Mini sleeves are smartly designed to provide maximum protection for the iPad Mini while conserving the environment. Each sleeve is handcrafted from natural, heavy-duty materials such as hemp basket weave, woven bamboo, jute burlap and recycled polyester fleece. 

The iPad Mini sleeves from ColcaSac features a double layer of protection in a snug design that is both comfortable and secure to hold. First is an outer layer of breathable canvas (hemp, bamboo or burlap) that provides an organic durable exterior. Then, a plush fleece lining that offers a great cushion from bumps and dings. It also cleans the iPad Mini's surface and gives it a glossy finish each and every time it is taken out of the sleeve.

ColcaSac's iPad Mini sleeves come in two sizes: One for using the iPad Mini naked, and another one for using the iPad Mini with an Apple Smart Cover. And there are five stylish designs to choose from: Uintah, Zagora, Hanakapiai, Juan Valdez and Chevron.

Apple starts running new iPad mini ads showcasing iBooks and iPhoto

Apple has begun running two new television commercials for the iPad mini. The new ads build out a series that started with Apple’s iPad mini Garageband ad; a commercial that demonstrates the iPad mini’s equal software capabilities to the full-sized iPad. The new ads focus on iBooks and iPhoto. The first ad shows the iBooks application and reading on the iPad mini, and the second ad shows the iPad mini’s photo viewing capabilities and advanced editing functions via the iPhoto App Store app. The two ads are viewable after the break:

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