Introducing the Vega Watch: A Revolution in Illumination

Ditch your dowdy digital watch and set your wrist to wow with this range of illuminating timepieces by exciting new fashion watch label VEGA. Unlike any other glow-in-the-dark timepiece, the entire face of the watch, and not just the hands, glows brightly in low lighting.

Bold wristwear is on the up and with ten delectable colour combinations to choose from, there’s a VEGA watch to suit any outfit. Collect the whole set and match them to your summer wardrobe - from a day time beach look to Ibiza inspired club-wear - or add a splash of colour to those pedestrian winter hues.

Newcomer to the fashion scene, the VEGA brand - brainchild of design-led UK gadget developer thumbsUp! - is aptly named after one of the brightest stars in the celestial hemisphere. The vivid glow of VEGA’s debut collection is all thanks to new technology Neoluxs. Neoluxs is a safe, army-grade material that stashes light via solar power using a crystalline structure and then slowly releases the energy for a brilliant, long-lasting glow.

You’ll be able to wear your watch all day in the sunshine, see it light up as the sun sets and then clock that it’s stillglowing the next morning when you wake up (or go to bed)!

VEGA watches are water resistant up to 50m, are protected by scratch resistant crystal glass and the mechanics come with a 24 month guarantee. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, VEGA will give you a good head start.