Quicksilver Goes Mobile

Quicksilver are drawing in customers old and new with their Mobile Casino application. The popular gaming website have teamed up with leading gaming developers, Play N’ Go to bring their online players a huge new selection of original and high quality slot machine games straight to their mobile and tablet devices. 

With mobile technology having developed at such a perpetual rate over the last decade, and people relying more and more on smartphones for gaming and entertainment, Quicksilver’s application launch could not have come at a better time. The wide selection of games available from the mobile website is set to not only please current customers, but to also draw in new crowds of players. 

“Many of our players have been asking when they’ll be able to play Quicksilver slots on a mobile or tablet device. I’m pleased to announce that... they’ll be able to play a range of exciting games where ever and with whatever device they have,” said Technology Director of Quicksilver.co.uk, Nick Pearson. 

Not only is the Mobile Casino set to bring a new format for Quicksilver players to indulge in a huge selection of slot machine games, but Mr. Pearson even believes that it could revolutionise the future of online gaming altogether. “We firmly believe that mobile has finally reached maturity, offering players the same playing experience as they do through our online slot games,” he said. “With Smartphone / Tablet penetration now hitting over 50% of the UK population we believe the mobile casino platform will continue to grow and in the coming years more players will play slots through a mobile device than through a PC.”

To access the Quicksilver Mobile Casino, all you need to do is click to www.quicksilver.co.uk on your mobile or tablet device and then sign in with your player account. From there you will gain access to slot machine and casino games, all playable from your phone or Ipad. It really is that simple. [ADVERTORIAL]