Logitech Alert security cameras get OS X support for mindful MacBook owners

Logitech's Alert camera system has given security to Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows users alike, yet there's been a conspicuously Mac-shaped void in support. Logitech is plugging that hole with a native OS X version of its Alert Commander app. So long as Alert system owners are running Snow Leopard or later, they'll have an Orwellian view of live and pre-recorded video feeds from as many as six of the HomePlug-connected cameras. The control extends to 16 motion-sensitive zones, digital zoom, backups and desktop notifications for when an intruder disturbs the peace. As the app itself is a free Mac App Store download, the only cost left is a recent camera array like the Alert 750n to keep track of home from a MacBook Air.

[Source: Engadget]