GoPro app reaches Android, captures reckless Nexus adventures

GoPro left its Android-using audience hanging (from a paraglider) when it posted an iOS app for remote controlling its cameras, but the group won't have been in suspense for long. The action video camera maker has posted a Google-native version that covers roughly the same feature spread as its Apple-oriented counterpart, including remote control, video previewing and daily highlight clips. Any aspiring movie makers will have to fit a narrow set of criteria to start shooting, however -- on top of an HD Hero 2and a WiFi BacPac, Android 4.0 is a minimum requirement to start shooting without hiccups. Hero 3 support won't be coming until later this month. Despite the limitations, it's nice to know that we won't need an elaborate Google Glass setup to record our next skydive in a Mountain View-approved fashion.

[Source: Engadget]