Huawei Ascend G 330 lands on UK shores through TalkTalk

Huawei left us wondering whether the Ascend G 330 would venture beyond mainland Europe with its tempting blend of solid specs and a low price. The smartphone is spreading its wings -- if only just, with a launch on TalkTalk in the UK. When it ships to the carrier in December, the 4-inch, 1GHz dual-core smartphone will be tuned for British audiences with preloaded BBC iPlayer and news apps as well as EA's Sims Freeplay for some casual gaming. Most of the appeal may come from a cheap-as-chips price, as the G 330 will be free on contract for as little as £10 ($16) per month. If you can bear going without an all-out flagship like the Ascend D1 Quad XL, it's a tempting lure.

[Source: Engadget]