Range of 4G smartphones makes it a network for everyone

Autumn saw the introduction of a new service in the UK that promised us mobile web speeds up to five times faster than what had previously been available. As Britain’s first 4G network provider, EE offered a great way to get the most out of the next generation of smartphones – and even came with a range tailored to all tastes.

Arguably the most notable of these devices will be the iPhone 5, which managed to grab all the technology headlines in the run up to the 4G launch in October. The fifth generation model of the Cupertino gadget giant’s game-changing mobile phone improved on its predecessor with a new operating system, a bigger screen and a faster processor. This was great news for many, but was hailed as a disappointment by some people who had already set their sights on The Samsung Galaxy S III.

One of the biggest critics of the device was Samsung itself, which is of course locked in a pretty high profile on-going legal debate with Apple. The South Korean manufacturer has highlighted its slick design, Android operating system, 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and super-fast processor as being superior to what the iPhone 5 can offer, as well as features like picture in picture display and the S Voice vocal command system. Of course, both are absolutely brilliant and each can claim to be better than the other in different fields – but what if you don’t want either of them?

Well, luckily there are other options from EE that may be of interest. The HTC One XL, for example, not only comes with a brilliant 4.7-inch (which is again bigger than the one on the iPhone), but it also boasts Beats Audio Integration – which could be a big deal for those who use their handset for music. 

Not to be outdone, the Finnish have also been keen to stake their claim on 4G with smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows phone. This model has a Puremotion HD 4.5-inch touchscreen display and an eight megapixel camera with Optical image Stabilisation. This handset also has a lower price point than its rivals, as does its sister device the Lumia 820.

It has been another big year for smartphones and all the major companies have been busy preparing for the 2013 market that will undoubtedly see more of us take up 4G services. It will certainly be interesting to see what the mobile landscape looks like this time next year. [spon]