ROCCAT ISKU FX keyboard ships worldwide, lights up gaming for $100

ROCCAT's ISKU FX keyboard intrigued us back in the summer by adding some synchronicity to the usual gaming keyboard formula. We're glad to hear, then, that it's shipping just as much of its audience will get the games that should be its match. Players in multiple countries can pick up the ISKU FX this week at prices of either $100 for Americans or €100 in European countries like ROCCAT's native Germany. For the money, they're getting both 16.8 million hues to choose from as well as Philips Ambilight-style flashes in supporting games -- and the familiar control over a ROCCAT mouse if they're not always in the mood for an elaborate show. The ISKU FX might not lure in those who already have serious input at hand, but it could be the right complement to a new PC.

[Source: Engadget]