Apple Testing Keyboard Case for Potential Release Alongside iPad 5

According to ex-Apple Developer Relations employee and industry analyst Jamie Ryan, Apple has been testing a first-party keyboard case to be potentially released alongside the upcoming fifth-generation iPad. The case itself would reportedly be similar in nature to Microsoft's Touch Cover, which is made for the Surface line of tablets...

Ryan also adds that the primary motivation behind the development of the case is that Apple's current Bluetooth keyboard is not as integrated as Microsoft's Touch Cover, and that Apple is interested to create a better keyboard solution for the full-size iPad in order to distinguish it from the iPad mini. The analyst also adds that other cover-like accessories are also being looked at for release...

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Microsoft lands design patents for the Surface tablet's Touch Cover keyboard

Microsoft would certainly argue that its Surface tablet design is iconic. The company is doing more than simply extolling the virtues of kickstands and VaporMg casings, however. It just obtained a trio of design patents that cover both the Touch Cover keyboard and the magnetic coupling on the tablet that so often gives Microsoft something to dance about. You won't find any deep insights into the technological workings here -- still, this might give some would-be SurfaceKIRF creators a reason to hesitate.

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ROCCAT unveils Ryos gaming keyboard ahead of CES, individually lit keys in tow

ROCCAT made its debut in the States a year ago and now the German gaming outfit is looking to get a jump start on the happenings at this year's CES. The company has announced the Ryos, its first mechanical gaming keyboard with per-key lighting and up to two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors. This method of illumination allows the peripheral to display key functions and macros in addition to information like health stats. The unit also sports 2MB of internal flash storage, up to four Cherry MX key switches in a variety of colors and an included SDK. No word on pricing yet, but the Ryos is expecting to ship during Q1 2013. If a few more details are what you're after, take a gander at the PR that awaits just past break.

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ROCCAT ISKU FX keyboard ships worldwide, lights up gaming for $100

ROCCAT's ISKU FX keyboard intrigued us back in the summer by adding some synchronicity to the usual gaming keyboard formula. We're glad to hear, then, that it's shipping just as much of its audience will get the games that should be its match. Players in multiple countries can pick up the ISKU FX this week at prices of either $100 for Americans or €100 in European countries like ROCCAT's native Germany. For the money, they're getting both 16.8 million hues to choose from as well as Philips Ambilight-style flashes in supporting games -- and the familiar control over a ROCCAT mouse if they're not always in the mood for an elaborate show. The ISKU FX might not lure in those who already have serious input at hand, but it could be the right complement to a new PC.

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RIM confirms BB10 standard screen resolutions for touch and keyboard devices

RIM took some time out from its worldwide tour to confirm that it's standardizing screen resolutions for BB10. Tim Neil took to the company's developer blog to say that forthcoming full-touch devices will ship with 1,280 x 720 displays, while keyboard-style phones would pack 720 x 720 screens. The only handset that won't play by these rules is the first (presumably flagship) BB10 handset, since it's too late to change its 1,280 x 768 screen. The company's urging developers to get tweaking to ensure apps run properly on the new gear -- or add letterboxing to offer a Sergio Leone feel to your mobile gaming.

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