CloudOn outs v3.0: iPhone compatibility, optimization for 7-inch tablets and SkyDrive integration

Suffice it to say, CloudOn never quite stops polishing its iOS / Android productivity app, with the service often adding feature after feature and reaching more and more folks around the world -- with that in mind, today's update will be no exception. With the introduction of version 3.0, CloudOn's now bringing its handy Microsoft Office tools to the iPhone, marking this the first time the application will be available on any smartphone. In addition to making its debut on the smaller screen, CloudOn has also included optimization for 7-inch tablets like the ASUS-made Nexus 7 and the slightly larger iPad mini, while integration with Redmond's SkyDrive cloud and support for Mountain View's Jelly Bean OS can be found inside v3.0 as well. All in all, CloudOn's third major installment could very well be considered its most substantial yet -- and, according to CEO Millind Gadekar, there are no plans to slow down anytime soon, telling us that this is just another step toward the outfit's "mission of reinventing mobile productivity." Very well, then.

[Source: Engadget]