PlayMemories Studio update for PS3 brings 4K image support, cloud features and more

Sony has been continually pushing its PlayMemories brand of apps across its hardware offerings, and this latest update falls at the feet of PlayStation 3 owners. It's PlayMemories Studio in particular, and a forthcoming patch that adds new functionality. The meat of the update centers around PlayMemories Online integration for added cloud-based photo and video sharing options, with slide shows. Other revisions include support for "improved" resolution of exported videos (up to 1080p), faster thumbnail display, more choices of background music, improved editing features and -- of particular interest to early adopters -- support for 4K photos with Bravia TVs. The version 2.0 release is slated for release "soon" but in the meantime head to the Sony Japan source link for a little more info in the interim.

[Source: Engadget]