Geekanoids … 2013 and Beyond

As you may be aware, we have been bringing you videos since 1996 and it has been a fun ride. However, whilst we are on our video rollercoaster we do not sit still. For example, 2012 saw the introduction of some new test shows, a new AV Editing Suite Series, a new editor to this very website (hello Dale) and becoming part of the awesome Base79 network.

You might think that is enough… well rest assured 2013 sees the channel going from strength-to-strength with a new kind of video footage, something that I personally have not seen a lot of online. This news update is going to start to sound like a right teaser, so I will not give away any spoilers here, other than to say that you will thoroughly enjoy the forthcoming videos and reviews. They will give you an insight into each product that will certainly show you how much effort the manufacturer has put into the design & build quality stage… enough said, all will be revealed toward the middle of January.

As the Geekanoids Channel continues to grow, I would like to thank all our viewers, new and old and also reach out to ask you to tell everyone you know about the channel. The more the merrier. Have an awesome New Year everyone.